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marriage and family therapist

Meghan Ready, Owner & Founder of The Nest Wellness Center, is known for being a compassionate and warm clinician. For over a decade she has dedicated her life to learning more about the human experience. To find out more about Meghan and opportunities to work with her we welcome you to reach out for more information. 

to The Nest

I believe you deserve specialized care. I work with adults, couples,  and teens who are pursuing trauma healing, stress reduction, and deeper connections with themselves and others. Utilizing body psychotherapy and systems theory I aim to create transformative change for my clients. 

My Approach

I enjoy inviting my clients to enter a space where they will receive compassion and curiosity and experience the safety in which they can explore their most authentic self. I bring a holistic lens to my approach, helping clients to observe the mind, body, and spirit and how they can work together to bring meaningful change. I believe therapy is active and therefore I promise to always show up ready for work and desire clients who are willing to do the same.

"When we deny the story,

it defines us.

When we own the story, 

we can write a brave new ending"

Brené Brown

marriage and family therapist
counseling office

My Practice

I am licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. I offer telehealth services to anyone located in these states. 

My Services

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Why do people go to therapy?

- Worry and anxiety that feels out of control

- Wounds from the past that just won't seem to heal

- Difficult life transitions such as grief, broken relationships, and new environments

- Parenting our children in ways that "break generational cycles"

- Wishing you could feel more satisfied in your daily life

- Wondering if there could be something "more"

During your intake session, I will customize a treatment plan to meet your exact needs at this time. My treatment approaches include internal family systems informed, cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness training, person-centered approaches, and trauma-focused interventions. I work with clients of any age and believe in upholding an Anti-Racist, Neuro-Diverse, Trans-Inclusive, LGBTQ+ affirming practice.

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Couples counseling can be a lifesaver. Seeking help for your relationship is a sign that your relationship is important and worth the effort. I am here to work with you to change for the better.

Common treatment goals: 

- Improve communication

- Decrease irritability & anger

- Address commitment issues, infidelity, or life goal differences

- build respect, understanding, and trust

- explore romantic and sexual wellbeing

- maintain what is working well

Utilizing Emotion-Focused and Gottman techniques I help transform relationships to be sources of compassion, understanding, and fulfillment, not a source of stress or pain.



I am currently in the process of becoming an AAMFT Approved Supervisor and am accepting new supervisees for hours that counts toward your licensure as a LMFT.

As a supervisor I see my role as supporter, encourager, and guide. My goal is to help you become the therapist you most desire. I believe in a collaborative relationship in which your voice and insight matter and is the foundation for all the work we do together to help you achieve licensure.

What to expect to take with you from supervision:

- Strong sense of ethics

- How to maintain appropriate boundaries with clients

- Effective note taking and documentation skills

- Self-insight, reflection, and compassion

- Desire to always continue learning and growing as a clinician

counseling office
"Meghan is truly an amazing supervisor. As a recent graduate new to this career, Meghan helped me to excel as a social worker in a way that better served our clients. Furthermore, Meghan instilled in me the confidence I needed to pursue my licensure, and she lended a helping hand every step of the way. I would not be the professional I am today without Meghan’s guidance."

Supervisee (LMSW)


Virtual Offices in

South Carolina, North Carolina

and Georgia





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